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An eclectic roots band in the NC Raleigh/Durham Triangle, No Worries makes music steeped in all the Americana styles … blues / classic rock / country / bluegrass … originals, old favorites, and covers of great songs you’ve maybe never heard yet. No Worries is also the feeling you’ll get from their music. Fun, smooth, but seasoned — with a pinch of red pepper.

Musicians from way back, their musicmaking tools of choice are guitars, mandolin, bass, and harmonica. Plenty of sweet harmonies too. Check us out on your favorite site below. Search for No Worries on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and Pandora. Send us an email or sign up for updates from the Contact page.

Bandcamp is a great site for streaming our music, and the only place to find liner notes and lyrics. Optionally, you can create a “fan” account and folow us to get updates.

Our YouTube channel has videos of some of our songs. Subscribe to be notified when we upload a new one. But fair warning: you don’t want to miss the songs with no video. Visit Bandcamp for those!

If you’re on Facebook, be sure to friend our page. That’s also a good place to see the show calendar and other news. And there are videos, but like YouTube, no support for audio-only songs.

ReverbNation streams songs and links to videos. It also has a schedule of live shows for those not on Facebook, and you can become a “fan” there. (It’s a local Triangle company, BTW.)

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