The Players

Richard Bowdon

As a teen Richard soaked up all the cross-currents of the golden age of popular music on AM radio, then branched out to less-trodden musical paths of Americana, including singer-songwriters, western swing, and anything Doc Watson played. In college he started writing his own songs … by now he’s lost count of them. Until No Worries he always played solo. His roles in the band include vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica, and of course, songwriting.

Richard plays and records solo too. Visit his website,

Jim Amsden

Growing up on a farm in Maine, Jim built amps from surplus military vacuum tubes and needed something to play through them, so he picked up the electric guitar. By 16 he was rocking & rolling local clubs … even his own high school prom. Once in North Carolina, he started absorbing the new acoustic music of bands like Nickel Creek and Strength in Numbers. Jim plays just about anything, but in No Worries he usually straps on a mandolin or guitar.

Jim moonlights on electric guitar on rock & roll classics in Moonlight Rescue Band, .

Rob Surra

Rob learned how to play guitar as a grade-schooler in Buffalo and picked up bass in high school. In his travels through Cincinnati, Chicago and finally North Carolina, he has played everything from 70’s punk to lounge jazz. As bass player for No Worries, he enjoys the rich range of roots Americana that that inspire the band’s sound.

Rob’s other band is the jazz trio In2Jazz.

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